Yearly Care for Your Wood Shake Roofing

Wood shake roofs are one of the defining features in our area. Homes and businesses all across San Rafaelhave wooden shingles. Roofing contractors say they are one, if not the, most popular type of roofing material used today. You may have already had your wooden roof installed by a San Raphael roof company years ago, or perhaps you just built a new home and topped it off with a beautiful, natural looking shake roof; either way, you’ll want to make sure you maintain your investment so you can enjoy it for years to come.

Cleaning Your Roof After a Storm

High wind, rain and snow storms are the natural enemy of any roof. They sweep garbage and debris up and over your home, wedging sticks, branches, plastic shopping bags and other paraphernalia under your shingles. These items need to be removed as soon as it’s safe to get on the roof. If they remain wedged between your shingle and the underlying material they can cause your shingles to split or break. A broken shingle does not protect your home against water damage and will need to be replaced. It’s far easier to remove garbage than to mend a roof. In general, you should do a yearly inspection as some items may not easily be seen from the ground. You might be surprised what you find up there.

Spray Your Roof to Prevent Problems

You know that moss you see growing on trees? That same moss will grow on your wooden roof. You could also have fungi and mold develop over time. You can prevent these from forming by pre-treating your shingles with a spray. When your roof is installed, ask the contractor about the expected life span of the spray they used. Then you can plan on having them come back to retreat it. While they are doing that, you can have them reapply the fire retardant spray as well. When properly fortified, a wood shake roof is as fire retardant as a composite roof.

Repair and Replace Cracked Shingles

Wood shake shingles are installed in an overlapping pattern. If you only have a couple of split shingles, you can probably do the repair yourself. What you’ll need is some metal flashing. You’ll want to use the flashing as a patch under the split shingle. If you put it over the shingle you create a pocket for water to seep through. Sliding the flashing under the shingle and securing it in place will hold you over until you call a roofing contractor. For larger repairs, call a San Raphael roof company. They can remove large sections of your roof and replace them in the same day with minimal disruption to your family or business. If you notice a leak, don’t let it slide. Small leaks can turn into big problems in no time. It’s always easier and less expensive to take care of a small repair than it is to fix a large one. With yearly maintenance and managing repairs your wood shake roof can maintain its original beauty for years.

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