Help With Lewisville Slab Leak Repair

Slab leak is a plumbing term for a pinhole leak, which develops in copper water pipes located under the floor of the home. These leaks are also known as concrete slab leaks or foundation leaks. Lewisville Slab leak repair offers several options for homeowners.

The following symptoms may indicate you need Lewisville slab leak repair.
– Increased water bill
– Wet flower beds near the home
– Wet baseboards
– Hot spots in the floor
– Water leaks under the water heater although the platform is dry
– Wet floors or carpets

If a slab leak is discovered, homeowners have several options for slab leak repair Lewisville:

– Direct Access: This term describes using a jackhammer to remove the floor and repair the leaking line. This type of repair is not recommended in most cases.
– Pipe Rerouting: A new water line is installed through the walls and ceilings of the home to replace the line leaking under the floor. This method require repair of drywall where the pipes are installed. Many insurance companies will pay for this type of repair.
– Epoxy Restoration: This process forms a new liner in the leaking pipe to stop the leak. It requires only two access points for repair and is often the least expensive way to make the repair.
– Repiping: This method replaces the existing copper pipes with non-metallic pipes. Many of these systems offer a lifetime warranty for the system.

If your home has a slab leak it is important to act quickly. The damage caused by a single pinhole leak in a fresh water supply line can erode the support for the foundation of the home. As the support is eroded, the foundation can continue to shift, leading to more leaks and more shifting. Lewisville slab leak repair offers the best way to protect your investment in your home.

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