How To Clean An Area Rug For Your Home And How To Determine If You Need An Area Rug Cleaning Service

Area rug cleaning can be a daunting task.  But with some simple tips clean an area rug can be done easily.  The best way to clean your area rug is try to keep it clean from the first day you bring the rug into your house.  Try to avoid walking on the rug with shoes on or avoid other heavy objects from being placed on it.  This could ultimately damage or ruin the integrity of the rug fibers.  You might try to place the area rug in a convenient spot where people can see it but it is a space where not a lot of heavy foot traffic occurs.

You may be reading this because you think that your rug needs cleaning.  But one thing to keep in mind is that your area rug may not need cleaning.  Only clean your rug if it needs cleaning and it really isn’t necessary to clean it if it docent.  To determine if your area rug needs cleaning then try these simple techniques.  First lift a part of your rug and quickly drop it, if your rug leaves dust or spreads dirt into the air it probably is a good choice to clean it.  Another obvious thing you could do is to see if there is any visible dirt traces into the fiber.  Or if you firmly move your hand across the fibers and your hand becomes dirty then it will probably need a good thorough washing.


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Cleaning An Area Rug For Your Home

The easiest solution to clean your area rug is to simply use regular sink soap and something to gently scrub the rug fibers without ruining them.  Some things I suggest you do to start is to bring to an area where you don’t mind in getting wet, maybe a basement or somewhere outside.  I like to bring my rug outside where there is a lot of sun that can get at it.  This will speed up the drying process.  Lay it flat on to the flat surface then mix a bucket of gentle soap that wont harm the rug with cool water.  Then find something that you can scrub the rug.  Find something that won’t cause abrasions in the rug and something that won’t make the dyes of the rug become faded.  Something I like to use is a household mop that has a sponge like tip that helps with getting most of the dust out of the rug.  You may see that some of the dirt won’t easily be gone with just a mop.  In this case you may have to find something a little more tuff, something like a lufa and you may have to put some elbow grease in.  But just make sure that you aren’t damaging the rugs integrity or the colors of the rug.

Once you have successfully moped all of the rugs fibers you either have the option of lifting it onto something so the rug hangs off of.  This will make it dry faster.  Something like a porch railing will do the job.  Or you can just leave it on the flat ground and let the sun dry it out naturally.  The drying process may take a couple of hours depending on the temperatures and how sunny it is.

Once you feel that the rug is almost dry on one side flip it over on the other side to dry the rug faster.  Make sure that the surface you put it on is clean because if it isn’t you will have to clean the rug all over again.  Make sure every thing is dry including the edges of the rug.  You might want to leave the rug to dry overnight as you will find the process to be pretty slow if the sun isn’t out that particular day.  If this is the case make sure you eliminate any foot traffic as rug dries.  This will make sure your rug will dry seamlessly and no imperfections are present.  This process can be done for wool area rug cleaning.  Just remember that wool rugs tend to leave more dust than normal rugs, so if you wool rug leaves behind dust it is perfectly normal and doesn’t usually mean it needs to be washed.  So as you can see there is no need for any crazy area rug cleaning equipment or other special cleaning devices.  You can simple use the things that you already have at hand in your house.

Area Rug Cleaning Service

Area rug cleaning services can be a little price and usually involve a job you can do with the techniques mentioned above.  Although these services might be useful for many large floor-to-floor rugs, an area rug wont need these services.  But if you have a large enough rug these services might come in handy.  You might also consider hiring specialist if you have a unique rug and you think you might damage the rug in the cleaning process.  Hiring a specialist may be your best bet but they may have some pretty high area rug cleaning prices.  Prices that are determined by the size of your rug, measured in square feet.  Usually the price is in the ballpark of $2.00 to $5.00 a square foot. These prices include vacuuming, scrubbing drying, removing of stains, and other services.

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