How To Install A Natural Light Solar Attic Fan And Why You NEED ONE!

The thing that many people ask is why do I need a vent in my attic? If you ask this question then there a few things you need to learn about your attic that you may not already know. The first thing you have to know is the importance of airflow in your attic. Airflow is important, more so in your attic because that is where all of your moisture goes in your house. So when you take hot showers or cook all that steam and warm air travels up in your attic. And if that air has nowhere to go then you are left with several problems. One thing that could happen if that air has nowhere to go is the possibility of mold. Many households have this problem and many people don’t know that it could simply be avoided with an easy do it yourself solar powered attic fan or a soffit vent. Mold is an issue because it can lead to many air born diseases that will harm your family’s health and it will also harm the integrity of your house.

Another thing why you need proper ventilation in your attic is because of the possibility of ruining your roof, if you live in a colder climate. As you heat your house and cool your house as the seasons change you are running the risk of damaging your roof if your attic isn’t properly insulated and properly vented. The rafters of your roof and the plywood can bind and buckle leaves you with the very possible result of a collapsed roof. To avoid this make sure your attic is up to par with the proper insulation codes in your area. And make sure you are ventilating your attic right. Now that we know the importance of airflow and ventilation in your attic lets move on to how to install one.

Installing a Solar-Powered Fan

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Solar Attic Fan Installation

Installing a solar panel attic fan is easier than you may think. You only need simple tools and a little finesse when it comes to installing one. The best place to start is purchasing the fan before anything. Whether you choose to buy your fan at a local home improvement store or you are going to buy one online make sure you review every possible feature that comes with the fans. Whether you want one that automatically powers on when it senses heat in your attic or if you want an on/off switch so you can manually turn it on or off. Make sure you buy a brand name that you trust and it comes with thorough instructions to install it, this will help later in the installation process.

Next is to determine where most of the sunlight you will get once the fan is installed. Try to map out where the sun is most in a day and make sure there are no trees or any other objects that will be in the way between the fan and the sun. It may be necessary to cut some braches off of a tree in order for your fan to utilize some visible sunlight. Now that we got that out of the way lets install the fan.

Steps for installing Your Solar Gable Attic Fan

1. Determine where and what side of the attic ceiling you are going to install it on and between which rafters. Once you know exactly how high you want it and where nail a hole exactly between the rafters.
2. Then go on your roof and find the nail that you punctured through your plywood of your roof. (Before hand read the manufactures instructions to determine how big of a hole to cut)
3. Now with something that you can measure and trace a perfect circle mark the outline of the hole you are going to be cutting out by scribing the shingles.
4. Cut the shingles with a utility knife or some other type of sharp tool to get down to the plywood. Now mark the line you will cut the plywood according to the manufactures specifications.
5. Cut the plywood with a recipicating saw or jigsaw the line that you scribed into the plywood.
6. Now is the easy part and all you have to do is to go around the hole with caulking to ensure no water will get into your attic. Then fasten your attic solar fan with the proper hardware.

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