Three Great Reasons to Have Motorized Blinds Window Treatments

Whether you are trying to hook your whole house up to a technologically advanced remote system, or you are getting to the age where constantly working with your hands causes discomfort, having motorized blinds window treatments instead of manual could add the perfect touch to your home. Three great features of motorized blinds window treatments are: ease of use; greater control of light, air flow and privacy; and remote control from modern gadgets for unparalleled synchronization of many household technologies.

The first and most obvious reason for switching to motorized blinds window treatments is ease of use. Having your blinds motorized makes them much easier to control from a single location. Without leaving the comfort and coziness of your bed or couch, you can adjust the blinds to bring in more light or shut it out completely. This way, those lazy summer naps can be even longer and lazier!

When you motorize your blinds window treatments, your house becomes much more manageable. If you have hard to reach windows, (over doors, staircases, and entryways) then perhaps getting your blinds motorized is the only option if you want to have complete control over the flow of light entering your home. Having a switch placed on the wall or a battery powered remote control on your living room table gives you complete control over your blinds.

The last great reason to have motorized blinds window treatments is for all of you technologically savvy people who make use of their smartphone or tablet devices regularly. There are plenty of apps out there that help connect your home to you, wherever you may be. If you forgot to close the blinds before you left the house, then you can close them from your phone or tablet to prevent devastating fading or sun bleaching on your favorite chair!

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