3 Shoe Storage Options For All Closets

When it comes to shoes it is safe to say that women have more than men in most cases. We tend to buy shoes on a whim cause they look good or we think we might want to wear them….once! The biggest problem in most women’s closets is there just isnt enough room for their shoe collections. Heck I have a friend that uses her entire spare bedroom floor just for shoes.

Thankfully these days there are more than a few shoe storage ideas for us to utilize and keep the closet in complete order. Here are 3 shoe storage options for your walk in, reach in or non existent closet.

Hanging Shoe Storage
One way to remedy your cluttered shoe collection without needing valuable closet floor space is to use hanging organizers. Hanging shoe racks can typically store up to 20 pairs of shoes depending on the brand. For example the Rubbermaid Configurations hanging shoe organizer contains twenty pockets for shoe storage as well a other accessories like jewelry and hygiene products.

Assembly of this type of closet storage system is very minimal and usually requires no tools to put it together. They hang on the back of the closet door so it is not only easily accessed but you can see what shoes are in it.

Under the Bed Storage
When you have a simple reach in closet that is maxed out or perhaps you have no closet at all (dorm room). Then you have to resort to other options and lucky for you underbed shoe organizers exist. Brands like Whitmor and Rubbermaid manufacture these org

My Closetanizers made out of canvas so they are easy to clean, light weight and all priced under $20. They consist of carry handles so they are easily pulled out from under the bed but also easily transported if need be.

Freestanding Shoe Storage
Freestanding shoe organizers are made for those large walk in closets with lots of room. They consist of shoe cubby’s, shoe racks and shoe trees. The shoe cubby is a large cube with dividers to allow separation of the different pairs of shoes. They come in a plethora of sizes and brands like ClosetMaid are at the forefront in reputation and quality.

Shoe racks can be shelves that are stacked together with several levels allowing your shoe collection to be separated yet easily seen. They range in size and can reach up to 50 pairs of shoes such as the Whitmor shoe tower. If you have a little space in the corner of the closet why not opt for a shoe tree. Shoe trees are revolving racks like you would see in a store that usually have up to 7 tiers for a variety of shoe storage options. They allow you to go vertical so floor space is not needed.

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