top Presents Top 10 List for National Boss Day, October 16th Presents Top 10 List for National Boss Day, October 16th

Dublin, OH (PRWEB) October 12, 2005

Makeovers are everywhere. From physical transformations to home remodels, people are looking for ways to quickly smooth over rough edges. With bad boss stories universal among employees, why not a makeover for a clueless boss?

In honor of National Boss Day on Sunday, October 16th, presents the Top 10 ways a boss can tell if he or she needs a communications makeover:

1. No one ever asks a question in your meetings and you think it’s because you did such a good job communicating.

2. You tell everyone you’re a “people person.”

3. After every staff meeting you end up having to explain your “diversity” jokes to the Human Resources Department.

4. You don’t get why “Dilbert” is supposed be so funny.

5. You tell your kids “people are our greatest asset.”

6. Your favorite sentence is “at the end of the day, we will optimize our passion for results with turnkey solutions in alignment with our strategic vision.”

7. You tell the same jokes and you think employees are laughing because you’re funny.

8. You warn new employees: “If you don’t come in on Saturday, don’t even think about coming in on Sunday.”

9. When you got the “Corporate Buzzword Award” at the Christmas Party, you thought it was a compliment.

10. As you manage by walking around, every person picks up the phone and appears to be talking business.

“Ultimately, good management begins and ends with effective communication,” said John Millen, president of MPA Executive Communications, parent company of

“Earning the confidence and respect of employees requires a regular and objective assessment of one’s communication skills. National Boss Day is as good a time as any for an evaluation,” Millen said.

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