Making Your Bathroom Look Beautiful With Luxury Upgrades

The bathroom is certainly a place all of us visit each morning. And, considering that none of us are able to get away from it, there’s no reason we can’t design it as somewhere fun as well as functional. In particular, when you want to take a lengthy soak in a warm bath or a steamy hot shower, beautiful is better than boring. Still, many of us don’t have the bath of our dreams. That’s not to say we can’t, it simply implies that a bathroom remodel is required.

Whenever you picture bathroom remodels, do you see several weeks of renovation, or rather the fabulous upgrades of the final product? Or, maybe a little bit of each? Though, before you can start any renovating, you have to look at your options, and needs, for a new bathroom.

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The majority of bathrooms now have a bath and shower combination. This is pretty functional, and it saves space if you have an undersized bathroom. Yet, it’s not overly exciting. What is more attractive, not to mention pleasant to use, is a stand alone shower. A walk in shower enclosure will separate the shower and tub, opening up choices for the space that you couldn’t have otherwise. You could add a teak shower bench, or maybe a steam shower device. You could add several showerheads, even an overhead rain showerhead, for high luxury. So, if your bathroom has enough space, (or can make enough space), certainly consider dividing your bathtub and shower.

A really neat bathroom renovation is to incorporate an outdoor shower. They come in a few varieties, depending on what you need one for. The first variety is a straight-forward place to rinse off after swimming, or walking at the beach. The second option is a lightweight camp shower.

The third type, which is the kind you’ll find in bathrooms, is a complete shower that you would use as a normal shower; however, it’s designed, at least to some extent, on the exterior of the building. This can be done by building a portion fully exposed to the elements, or equipped with glass walls in order to take in the view. If you don’t have the space to build the shower literally outside, you can make it look like you are outside by making one or more walls of the shower be full length windows that look outside.

Planning out a bathroom remodel needs lots of energy. You’ll have expenses to consider; how much you’ll be able to take care of yourself, as well as what a contractor will be needed for; plus the fine points of the accessories, tile, finishes, and other details. Yet, if you approach the planning one step at a time, take into consideration all of your options, and learn about what is required, you’ll design the bathroom of your dreams. And, your careful planning will make it more of a pleasant experience than a frustrating one.

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