5 Security Tips When Having Work Done On Your Home

Having any work done, either in or outside your house, creates many mixed feelings. Despite all the horror stories you may hear and the endless run of ‘catch-a-cowboy’ TV shows most of the workers you have in your home are honest, hard-working, professional and will do a good job. You can also look up professionals on trade rating websites and take recommendations from friends and family. But... read more

DIY Sump Pump Installation

Sump pump installation can be a fairly challenging activity, but it is one that is doable. In less than half a day, you can successfully add a sump pump to your basement. Installation is necessary if you do not already possess a sump pump or it is in need of repair. A sump pump is used for the purpose of emptying water that collects in a basin near the basement of foundation of a home. This device can... read more

The Five Best Bathroom Decorating Tips

The bathroom is not just a room for doing the nasty, it is a room of secure privacy. The only place in a house to get udder and complete privacy is a bathroom. If your bathroom has a leaky faucet or the wallpaper is starting to chip off, perhaps it is time to redesign and redecorate your once boring bathroom. Here is five marvelous tips to creating your own personal dream bathroom. First, make some lists.... read more

Why I Hate Cheap Free Standing Kitchen Units

If you’ve spent any time in home improvement stores in the kitchen cabinets section, then you’ve likely seen these cheap kitchen units made from medium density fiberboard, generally with some sort of cheap veneer trying desperately to look more expensive. I used to see them as a great deal and never had a problem with them, until I bought a free standing pantry cupboard for my kitchen. The... read more

A Submersible Fountain Pump Brings Life to any Water Feature

A water feature is a great addition to most any home or yard. Everyone loves to hear the sound of running water because of its soothing nature. If you are short on space, a small fountain makes a really nice addition to any room, indoors or out. If your yard is spacious, you might want a fountain or two or perhaps three to add to the dcor or landscape. If a fountain isn’t big enough, just add a... read more

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