SUBSCRIBE ° 0 ° As promised, here it is! THE TOUR THROUGH MY ROOM /D don’t mind my english, i somehow made mistakes i wouldn’t even dream of D: (she dos?! WTF?!) anyway, i hope you like what you see, it’s not so special i think. OH! and ignore my cat! I have no idea why but all of sudden she was all in her ‘cuddle-me-and-give-me-attention-mode’ and wouldn’t get off me… So you will hear her purring and meowing every once in a while… I also want to add, that the song information in the end is NOT right (obviously)! The actual Song is: Charlotte – Shounandaria My Love (しゃるろっと – 湘南平 My Love) And now, if you saw anything you like or like to know more about, any kind of questions, just write them down in the comment box! i will answer them as soon as i find the time to! Make sure to check out my blog for more information, pictures and the like:
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