Neutral Colours

British Interior Designer Kelly Hoppen MBE shares her tips on creating a versitile space through colour choice.
Video Rating: 5 / 5 –for the full article. Master weaver Babajan of the Highland Park weaving shop Pets With Fez wove his first rug at the age of six, a lovely tapestry sampler with images of frogs and turtles. His father, a shepard is Kurdistan fought in WWI as a teenager and eventually immigrated to San Francisco. When he started a family he realized that there were no programs in this country for his sons to learn the cultural traditions of his homeland. The family came together and resurrected and old after school program from the villages. Aunts and uncles, whomever knew a technique, would give lessons in traditional weaving, music, and languages. Baba and his brothers all took weaving lessons but it was clear that this was only a calling for Baba.

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