Cleaning Up Your Pesky Old-fashioned Bathroom With Brand New Bathroom Renovation Ideas!

It’s the truth, bathrooms can and do get skanky after a set period of time. After all, this is one room which you do visit everyday and in which you use strong chemicals and cleaning materials almost everyday! But not everyone notices that their bathrooms have turned old and shabby looking. Evaluate your bathroom with fresh eyes by taking a look at it early in the morning. Does it look dirty? Do the tiles look dull? Does the bathroom look purely functional with no pleasing accents and nooks? If yes, then its time to renovate your bathroom with these funky new bathroom renovation ideas

Top cheap bathroom renovation ideas

Let’s face it. Not all of us can afford to splurge on wonderful new carpets, accents, furniture and other goods only for the bathroom. However, you can get an equally modern, trendy look to your bathroom with cheap accents that will work just as well as expensive ones.
• Use mismatched but color-coded tiles. Almost every tiling company will have cracked or mismatched tiles that sell for surplus. Buy as many as possible so long as they are color coded. These do match well especially if you can find a dominant color that runs through all the tiles. Once you have the tiles, set them out on a floor to create a pleasing eye pattern. Use these tiles only as an accent though below a dado line. Above the dado, ensure that you use the dominant color or a pleasing contrast as wall paint. Although this is easy and quick, you will be severely limited in the furniture that you can use to match the mosaic-like appearance of the tiles. Choose plain white bathroom accessories or transparent accessories like clear glass counters, basins and polyurethane shower handles to make the color pop but to pull everything else together. And of course, white accessories are usually the cheapest even in towels, bathroom accessories and bathroom furniture.
• Try not to mess around with the plumbing, taps etc too much as they can be quite expensive to replace. However, do browse around at Target, cheap second had stores and flea markets where you can get second-hand handles, shower heads etc. There is no guarantee that these goods will work and you could get cheated but you could luck out and find really great soap dishes, shower curtains, etc for use.
• Use accent lighting in the bathroom. When you are on a cheap budget there is nothing much that you can do for bad areas except rip them out and spend on them. But spot lighting combined with secondhand rugs can actually do wonders. Set up dull mood lighting that is focuses on pretty areas of your bathroom like a print or a mirror and cover dull areas with flat rugs. Ensure that all rugs are covered with anti-skid coatings though to prevent bathroom mishaps.

Bathroom renovation ideas for small bathrooms

All of us have small bathrooms; it’s just a drawback of living in a city. But renovating a small bathroom and small bathroom renovation ideas can can be quite difficult to manage. There is only so much you can do but do try out these top cheap and effective tips.
• Use a mirror to make your bathroom look bigger. Mirrors are the cheapest way to make a room bigger and they are particularly useful in bathrooms. Try to put in two or more mirrors in lateral directions or to the side of each other on walls to create the illusion of length and breadth in a bathroom. You can choose a large one over the sink and another wall one that is opposite the shower that is full-length.
• Use lighter colored flooring as this helps to make the bathroom look bigger. If you already have dark colored flooring consider breaking it up with white rugs or anti-skid carpets to break the color-blocking of a dark colored floor,
• Move all extra furniture out of the bathroom and use a single storage unit that is located high up. For example a single vanity cabinet located high up with multiple drawers and cupboards is ideal. Slide all laundry baskets and clothing items into closed units that can also used as stools or stands.

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