How Much Dose It Cost To Finish A Basement If You Are Doing It Without A Contractor?

Finishing a basement in your home can add elegance to your house, more living space for your family, and also more value to your home. The possibilities are endless when it comes to adding a finished basement. You could leave it one big family/entertainment room or you can divide the space and make several rooms to get an in-law feel. You could add a home movie theater or add a pool table, the choice is ultimately yours. But the thing that you must consider is the amount of space you have and more importantly how much is it cost. Cost alone will determine if you are going to go through with a basement renovation or not. Many homeowners start doing their basement renovation and without looking at any financial facts beforehand and then stop their renovation because they didn’t realize how expensive it was going to be.

On the other hand you must consider is WHO is going to DO the renovation. Are you skilled enough where you can confidently put up dry wall, tape it, and then mud it? Or are you going to hire a specialist to do it for you? A lot of people that I know, that are not really that knowledgeable in the trades hire specialist to do the hard things and then they will do the easy things, like lay down tile or paint the walls. Really there is no right way or wrong way to do your renovation. If are going to hire people you have to do a little more research than you may have anticipated.

How much dose it cost to finish a basement yourself?

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If you are going to undertake a basement renovation yourself then you will pay a lot less money than you would if you were to hire a contractor. All depending on the size of your basement, the average cost to finish a basement would probably bring you in the ballpark of 10 to 25 thousand USD, depending on the material you finish your basement with. If you are going to finish your basement with rugs then you will pay less money if you were going to install hardwood flooring.

The only downside of finishing your own basement by yourself is it takes time. You may not have time to work on your basement everyday, so that means your renovation will take a lot longer than you may have anticipated. With hiring a contractor they could finish a basement in a couple of weeks at the most. Another down side is that you may lack some experience in home renovation so you may not to as good as a job than a contractor would.

Some things you should take into consideration are if you are going to include a bathroom or a kitchen in your basement. IF you are then you may just want to hire a plumber to avoid all the frustration in learning how to do it. Electrical is also another thing to consider if you are going to undertake or outsource to an electrician. If you don’t know how to do some thing then I suggest you just let a professional to do it. Typically bathrooms, even though they’re smaller rooms usually take up most of the budget. But if you already have an existing bathroom, you may only need to update fixtures or replace the tiles.

Do your do diligence when it comes to determining the price of materials. Go down to a local home improvement store and take notes of all the prices of materials that you plan on using. Take note of what tools you’ll need to accomplish your finished basement. Once you have determined the price of materials then I suggest you measure your basement and determine the cost per square foot. This will give you a good idea on the over all cost of your project. If this number is too high for your budget you may want to look further for cheaper material or look at a liquidation store for cheaper prices.

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