How To Design Your Own Home Online With Free Software That Makes It Easy

In the world of home design there are several components that one must think about even before the design process; location, climate the house is going to be in, and finally the layout of the design. For years architects and other architectural designers have dictated the designing process. The homeowner could tell what he or she would like, but in the end the designer has the most pull in the designing process. Architects know the structural integrity of a layout and will know perfectly what goes with what.

The homeowners on the other hand can only do so much to make their own design without interference from the architect. But there is a way around this, and that is to create your own home design. There are several tools that make it easy to design your own home online. Tools that provide everything you need to successfully design your own dream home! And most of these are even free! Sites like is a perfect example of a free online software that is easy to use. Of course the free tools online don’t have some of the professional features that many of the premium tolls have, but the free ones do the job.

Some Of The Best Premium Design Your Own Home Software

Although you have to pay for some of these software’s they will really make the design process simple with little headache. The tools and features let your design your home with realistic pictures and allow you to put furnisher into your rooms to make it a little more realistic. There are need to read any manuals and you could build and design your own home in a matter of a couple of hours after some practice with the software.

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Plan 3D

You can find this software at This software costs $35.40 and $2.95/month. You might be thinking this price is a little high, but it is well worth it. With Plan 3D you can design your entire house, design only a single room, or you can redo your landscapes of your property. The furnisher, textures, and various other objects seem realistic and can be sizes and fitted to your liking. It allows you to build your house with brick, vinyl siding, stone, and even design your own log home. In my option Plan 3D is well worth the money. Whether you want to want to design your own home office or just want to see a virtual design of your own home just for fun this is a great tool to do it with. Some more features that come with this software is

  • Outside components (porches, screen rooms, decks, pools, etc.)
  • Roof design
  • Basement design
  • Skylights
  • Educational demos
  • Design suggestions

Once you have created a plan for your home you can easily get the necessary permits to build and then start building your dream home.

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How to design your own modular home

With modular homes the designing process is even easier. With many sites on the Internet you can easily navigate through hundreds of house deigns that already come pre-built and all you simple have to do is choose which one you like. IF you decide that a modular home is the route you want to take then you literally could have your house built in a couple of weeks. The process of building a modular home is simply putting pieces together like a puzzle. Though you do have to keep in mind that modular homes really don’t have any custom look to them. For the most part they all look the same. But once you get your modular home built it is simple to put an addition on to it if you want to customize it a little more.

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