How To Install A Vinyl Replacement Window

Installing a new window in your house involves very little effort on your part. The only critical thing you must do before you install the window is to make sure you have the right dimensions of the window for your opening. To do that you must make you measure the width of the opening and then the height. Many people make the mistake of measuring the height first and then the width. IF you don’t do this correctly your windows will be the wrong dimensions and you wont be able to install them.

Other than the measuring of the opening, vinyl replacement windows are very easy to install. All you need is a hammer, roofing nails, shims, and a level. And you don’t need any advanced skills in order to install replacement windows. All you need is the ability to read a level to make sure the window is level and plumb and be able to hammer nails in. If you can do those two things then you will have no problem installing windows. It is best to have two people when installing a replacement window. This will make the process go more smoothly. You don’t want to make sure the level is good while you are hammering a nail in. This will lead to an un-level and un-plumb window.

Once you have the window and have unpackaged it you are ready to begin the installation. Make sure you take off all of the packaging, including the pieces of wood that surround the window. You will probably have to remove these pieces with a drill using a Philips drill bit.

After you have done this you will do these steps in order to complete the vinyl replacement window installation. But in order to make sure you are ready you must do some things to the opening for the window. If you have already made sure that the opening is good move on to the steps below. But if you haven’t you should do these things. Make sure that all the surrounding area of the opening is secure and that no nails are poking out of it. Then you will waterproof the window opening to make sure that after several years your window wont leak. If you are not sure as to the type of waterproofing of a window opening in your area talk to a specialist at a local hardware store. Yu will most likely be installing a product that goes around the opening of the window that sticks to it. Generally these are tar products and are very good at stopping leaks in your opening. Read the instructions on the package to make sure you are installing them right. You might also want to look at the vinyl replacement window manufacturers instructions to make sure the waterproofing products is compatible with the window. Once you have prepped the opening you are ready to move on to the vinyl replacement window installation.

Step 1

From the outside push the window through the opening. If the opening is too big or too small this will be the point in which you will know because the window wont look right. Make sure the window is fully closed and locked to make sure there won’t be any warping in the process of installation.

Step 2

Put a nail into the top left or top right of the window.

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Step 3

Then throw a level on top of the window and place a shim on the bottom of the window until the level reads good. Once you the level is good place a nail at the opposite side where you out the first nail. If the level still isn’t good after you put a shim at the bottom you may have to troubleshoot this process a little bit.

Step 4

Make sure the window is plumb. Put he level on the side of the window and make it plumb. You may have to remove one of the nails you have already put in to make the window plumb. This is why you should hammer the nails only half way in case you have to pull them out.

Step 5

Measure both corners of the window that are opposite from one another. So measure the bottom left corner to the top right corner. Then measure the bottom right corner to the top left corner. If these two measurements are the same then you are sure that you installed the window plumb, level, and square. But if these two measurements aren’t the same then you will have to repeat the process all over again to get it right.

Step 6

Finish off hammering the nails into every slot in the window. With some waterproofing products you may have to apply the product on top of the window. This is to ensure that no water may seep into the window. Once you have finished this step you are done.

Vinyl Replacement Window Cost

A lot of the replacement vinyl window prices vary. There are many different types of replace windows with many different styles so not every window is valued the same. A basic double hung window is typically priced in the range of $150. As you can expect the more advanced your window the pricier they seem to be. But if you order them not through a hard ware store but order them via the vinyl replacement window manufacturer themselves then you can get a huge discount on your windows. The only downside to this way is that you have to wait at least six months to get your windows. But if you can wait this is a smart option. You will also not want purchase your window if you are only purchasing one window.

Best Vinyl Replacement Window

The best replacement window that I have come across is Anderson Windows. The quality of these windows is unbeatable. And they make the installation process a lot easier than many other types of replacement windows.

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