How Can Bath Lifts For Your Home Improve Accessibility!

Bath lifts have multiple advantages for people suffering from limited mobility. It does not matter what the actual cause is. Whether it is from old age, a disability, an injury, or just for someone who may be ill or lethargic, bath lifts are wonderful devices to help individuals take a bath in safety, and if they choose in private.

The main purpose of a bath lift is to lift an individual into and out of the bathtub. They are used in several facilities including hospitals and nursing homes. Now, more and more people are starting to purchase these types of lifts for their own home.

One of the main goals of bath lifts, other than lifting and lowering, is to reduce the risk of someone slipping, falling, and hurting themselves while climbing in or out of a bathtub. These lifts help people into the tub by rising to the rim of the bathtub, and allowing the person to sit on them. The person will then be able to rotate their body and bring their legs into the bathtub safely. Once they are all set, they can then lower themselves into the water.

Medical companies will have several different lifts that people will be able to choose from. These will include bath lifts in most cases. In addition to having bath lifts, most stores will have a variety of bath lifts. If the person decides to purchase lifts from ALC, for instance, they will see their many makes and models of bath lifts.

Bath lifts can be electric, manual, or even hydraulic. Each will have a type of control for moving the lift up and down. Most lifts will resemble a seat that can be installed in the bathtub or is removable. Most are placed into the tub using suction cups.

The controls for the electric lifts are normally located in the back of the seat. Most chairs can move up or down simply by touching a button. The battery in most chairs can move and down six times before needing recharging.

The average bath lift can hold at least 300 pounds. It is important to check all specifications before making a purchase. Most actual bath lifts weigh between 15 and 30 pounds.

Some bath lifts have extra features such as being able to recline. They are normally all made of the same easy to clean material.

Any person that finds they are having difficulties moving could really be benefited by using a bath lift. These lifts are very important because of the safety they provide. They also keep homeowners from having to redecorate their bathroom for a safer bathtub. Best of all when a limited mobility person has a way to bathe in safety; they have also found a way to bathe privately.

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